Bracelet Cuffs


These designer bracelet cuffs are individually handcrafted using sterling silver and the finest semi-precious stones available. The best way to measure your wrist is to take a string, wrap it around the part of your wrist you're most comfortable wearing a bracelet, then hold the string to a ruler. That length, in inches, will ensure a proper fit for you.

All jewelry is individually hand-fabricated, each piece made to order. Nothing is mass-produced or manufactured.

  • Celtic Trinity Bracelet Cuff

    Celtic Trinity Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b100

    Price: $145.00

    Fantasy inspired Celtic bracelet cuff in the tradition of the Trinity knots. Designed in sterling silver, it's a durable bracelet cuff which will have years of wear and enjoyment.  More info »

  • Woodland Sprite Bracelet Cuff

    Woodland Sprite Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b110

    Price: $250.00

    Themed with nature-inspired leaves and vinework, with a Lord of the Rings, magical Elvin twist, sterling silver wire and ivy leafwork borders a center 18x13mm gemstone cabochon of your choice.  More info »

  • Celtic Leaves Bracelet Cuff

    Celtic Leaves Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b120

    Price: $265.00

    Delicate, yet ornate, Celtic stenciling, with the leaves, lends a mystical, nature-inspired infusion.  More info »

  • Ivy Leaves Woodland Bracelet Cuff

    Ivy Leaves Woodland Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b122

    Price: $265.00

    Designed with realistic, nature-inspired ivy leaves, a center gemstone, of your choice, accents the sterling silver work of this magical cuff.  More info »

  • Wooded Shire Bracelet Cuff

    Wooded Shire Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b124

    Price: $295.00

    A sterling silver, nature-inspired bracelet cuff forged from the elements of middle earth! Twists and turns of vines and ivy leaves delicately wrap throughout the theme of the bracelet.  More info »

  • Elvin Butterfly Bracelet

    Elvin Butterfly Bracelet

    Item No. b127

    Price: $145.00

    This cuff bracelet features two Celtic Trinity Knots with detailed leaf work and a center, 8mm cabochon stone of your choice.  More info »

  • Ancient Forests Bracelet Cuff

    Ancient Forests Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b130

    Price: $265.00

    This bracelet cuff invokes the spirit of the ancient forests, featuring a center gemstone cabochon, 20mm round. I've designed a total of 4 ivy leaves, with smaller leaves bordering the gemstone, and bead-work for detail and depth.  More info »

  • Avalon Mists Bracelet

    Avalon Mists Bracelet

    Item No. b131

    Price: $200.00

    I've designed a matching bracelet to compliment the Avalon Mist headpiece! It's sterling silver and features a center 8mm gemstone of your choice.  More info »

  • Ocean Swirl Bracelet Cuff

    Ocean Swirl Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b150

    Price: $80.00

    A 8mm round gemstone centers a fluid swirl of silver for an elegant and enchanting cuff.  More info »

  • The Sovereign Celtic Bracelet Cuff

    The Sovereign Celtic Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b152

    Price: $295.00

    This powerful and magical bracelet is made from heavy gauged sterling silver wire and a 25mm gemstone. This bracelet cuff will last a lifetime of wear and enjoyment.  More info »

  • Victorian Mists Bracelet Cuff

    Victorian Mists Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b153

    Price: $165.00

    This sterling silver bracelet cuff features a spectacular 18x13mm oval cabochon gemstone of your choosing! It's gorgeous!  More info »

  • Celestial Bracelet Cuff

    Celestial Bracelet Cuff

    Item No. b210

    Price: $300.00

    I wanted to create a sterling silver bracelet cuff which embodied both Earthly and organic, as well as something celestial and magical. Featuring a 20mm (1 inch in diameter)round gorgeous Bloodstone cabochon, deeply flecked with reds, golds, blues and greens, these gemstones capture the look of Earth. The side stones are also lighter and contrasting Aventurine and are 12mm round in diameter. Each gemstone is wrapped within a twist wire bezel setting for texture.  More info »

  • Gypsy Bracelet w/ Stone

    Gypsy Bracelet w/ Stone

    Item No. b370s

    Price: $95.00

    I've designed this bracelet cuff for a Flower Girl or bridesmaids to wear, or for anyone's enjoyment.  More info »

  • Crescent Moon Cuff

    Crescent Moon Cuff

    Item No. b576

    Price: $135.00

    An all sterling silver and elegant bracelet cuff, shown here with a 1 1/4 inch crescent moon, is designed to express your magical self!  More info »