Inspired by magic and mystery, I've created Celtic pendants in sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. Adorn a bit of magic close to your heart! With the exception where an option isn't given, all pendants come with your choice of either a 16 or 18 inch box chain. If you would like something short or longer, please contact me.

All jewelry is individually hand-fabricated, each piece made to order. Nothing is mass-produced or manufactured.

  • Celtic Ivy Leaves Pendant

    Celtic Ivy Leaves Pendant

    Item No. p1100

    Price: $150.00

    A wonderfully ornate sterling Celtic and Ivy leaf pendant, with Elvish characteristics.  More info »

  • Queen of Celts Trinity Pendant

    Queen of Celts Trinity Pendant

    Item No. p1101

    Price: $140.00

    A handmade and gorgeous sterling silver Celtic Trinity Knot pendant necklace with an 8mm gemstone of your choice!  More info »

  • Elvin Fae Necklace

    Elvin Fae Necklace

    Item No. p1102

    Price: $135.00

    This mystical and enchanting design was inspired while I was sitting at my bench, with the moon's light glimmering through my window, and an evening early autumn breeze whispering in...and it was enough to feed the creative muse!  More info »

  • Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant

    Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant

    Item No. p1106

    Price: $135.00

    Forged and crafted from a strong Celtic feel, this lovely sterling silver Trinity Knot necklace pendant is made to be worn as a necklace, or a choker style depending on how you prefer.  More info »

  • Celtic Renaissance Choker

    Celtic Renaissance Choker

    Item No. p1108

    Price: $255.00

    I've fabricated a unique statement choker necklace, in sterling silver, with a Celtic and Renaissance theme! This piece is shown with a Moonstone but you can choose from a varied selection if you prefer.  More info »

  • Celtic Butterfly Necklace

    Celtic Butterfly Necklace

    Item No. p1110

    Price: $65.00

    I have designed a Celtic spiral inspired necklace, in sterling silver, and within the center scroll I've soldered a 1/2 inch Trinity Knot for balance and strength.  More info »

  • Fallen Leaves Pendant

    Fallen Leaves Pendant

    Item No. p1130

    Price: $149.00

    Four sterling silver Ivy leaves and vine work surround a center and movable, 8mm gemstone of your choice! This piece is approximately 3 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches across.  More info »

  • Celtic Knot Pendant

    Celtic Knot Pendant

    Item No. p1143

    Price: $45.00

    A simple and elegant sterling silver small Celtic Trinity Knot, approximately 1 inch in diameter, and comes with sterling silver box chain. It's lovely and graceful and for the Celtic, Scottish or Irish in you, it's a complete pendant!  More info »

  • Celtic Knot Pendant w/ Stone

    Celtic Knot Pendant w/ Stone

    Item No. p1143s

    Price: $65.00

    An elegant finish to a popular Celtic knot design!  More info »

  • Celtic Autumn Pendant

    Celtic Autumn Pendant

    Item No. p1150

    Price: $95.00

    I've designed 5 Celtic sterling silver Trinity Knots, or Triquettas, which surround a center, 8mm round gemstone of your choice in this magical pendant!  More info »

  • Celtic Trinity Pendant

    Celtic Trinity Pendant

    Item No. p1155

    Price: $85.00

    I truly enjoy creating Celtic-inspired pieces and this one is no exception! Featuring a total of 5 Trinity Knots with a twist wire braid weaving down to a final point on the bottom knotwork.  More info »

  • Celtic Trinity Pendant w/ Stone

    Celtic Trinity Pendant w/ Stone

    Item No. p1155s

    Price: $95.00

    I've fabricated another version of the 5 Trinity Celtic pendant, which can accompany many Celtic headpiece designs, as well as a stand-out pendant necklace on its own!  More info »

  • Silver Celts Pendant

    Silver Celts Pendant

    Item No. p1156

    Price: $100.00

    A wonderfully ornate sterling Celtic sterling silver pendant perfect to accessories with many of the headpieces I've made.  More info »

  • Silver Celts Pendant w/ Stone

    Silver Celts Pendant w/ Stone

    Item No. p1156s

    Price: $145.00

    A wonderfully ornate sterling Celtic sterling silver pendant perfect to accessories with many of the headpieces I've made.  More info »

  • Silverleaf Pendant

    Silverleaf Pendant

    Item No. p1165

    Price: $95.00

    Designed with simplicity in mind, I wanted to capture elegance and femininity by  More info »

  • Moonlit Glade Necklace

    Moonlit Glade Necklace

    Item No. p1168

    Price: $170.00

    I've created an ornate Renaissance and Elvish inspired necklace, complete with two side faceted gemstones, 4mm round, and a center cabochon gemstone, at 8mm round.  More info »

  • The Beltane Moon Pendant

    The Beltane Moon Pendant

    Item No. p1170

    Price: $85.00

    This sterling silver Elvish Style pendant necklace swirls like gentle breezes passing through the leaves with twisted and smooth arcs of silver surrounding a central stone of your choosing.  More info »

  • The ElvenShire Pendant

    The ElvenShire Pendant

    Item No. p1182

    Price: $110.00

    I wanted to capture a bit of the Elven magic within this particular whimsical pendant, which is designed in sterling silver and comes with your choice of a 8mm round gemstone.  More info »

  • Crescent Moon Pendant

    Crescent Moon Pendant

    Item No. p1190

    Price: $35.00

    Sterling silver 1 1/4 inch crescent moon (22 gauge in thickness). 1.2mm thick sterling silver box chain is optional.  More info »

  • Pave Gemstone Crescent Moon Pendant

    Pave Gemstone Crescent Moon Pendant

    Item No. p1199

    Price: $365.00

    A gorgeous piece! I've made a sterling silver, flush gemstone set crescent moon necklace similar to the one Stevie Nicks wears. This has a total of 22 CZ faceted gemstones, 3.0mm round, and bead pave' set within a 1 1/4 inch diameter crescent moon.  More info »

  • Avalon Mist Pendant

    Avalon Mist Pendant

    Item No. p1200

    Price: $145.00

    I've fabricated a matching Avalon Mist pendant necklace, simple in design, yet elegant in appeal.  More info »

  • Celestial Freeform Shooting Star Necklace

    Celestial Freeform Shooting Star Necklace

    Item No. p1300

    Price: $115.00

    I have fabricated a celestial freeform shooting star necklace design, with your choice of 8mm gemstone, and this piece is fabricated entirely in sterling silver.  More info »

  • Celtic Spiral Statement Necklace

    Celtic Spiral Statement Necklace

    Item No. p1330

    Price: $95.00

    A Celtic Spiral Necklace with Copper and Silver Spirals! I love two-toned mixed metals and I think, if done with subtlety, it can warm your senses like incense on a window sill or a cheery fire by the hearth.  More info »

  • The Sovereign Celtic Pendant

    The Sovereign Celtic Pendant

    Item No. p1350

    Price: $110.00

    I have designed this piece, in sterling silver, which showcases a 20mm round cabochon, of your choice, to include a sterling silver box chain with a lobster claw for added strength.  More info »