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How long have you been making jewelry and running a web store? 2017-01-06T14:12:32+00:00

I’ve been a certified master bench jeweler for over 12 years now! I decided I wanted to go my own direction and allow creative freedoms while jumping on the cyber bandwagon. I’ve been online since 2000 and every year business keeps growing!

What if I don’t want to use my credit card online? Can I still place an order? 2017-01-06T14:11:59+00:00

PayPal is the preferred method and is the safest, in my experience of being a premium business member for nearly 10 years. I have google checkout, which can accept credit cards, or I can accept a personal check, or money order via the Post Office. Please allow between 7-10 days for clearance of a personal check.

What if I see something and when I receive it, it’s doesn’t look right on me, or I decide I don’t like it, or the person I purchased it for doesn’t like it. Can it be refunded? 2017-01-06T14:11:16+00:00

A restocking fee is required on all purchases of 15 percent due to the labor and materials used in fabricating each piece individually. I will be more than happy to offer you a choice of an exchange for equal value or greater value, with difference being paid, or I can exchange it for merchandise credit for a future date. Due to the nature of my business (custom made to each person’s specifications), I cannot offer refunds. However, I do everything I can to make sure that your order is just how it was described or shown in the photos on this site. I also take photos, of your particular piece, and send you them in an email so you are satisfied before shipment. You must take into consideration what you are ordering and how it will look on you. If you don’t understand the description or photo, or want more specific information about an item, please feel free to ask questions! I guarantee all my work, but do require all exchanges be made within 7 days of purchase and shipped in the same package, with packing material, as it was delivered. If a piece has been worn, I must have the piece, in hand, to examine the wear and tear to determine merchandise credit. If anything should break, you can opt to ship it back and I’ll repair the item(s) at no charge. I would only require the shipping costs in return. It’s far better I fix it than another jeweler, since I will know how and will guarantee my repair work.

Does your work come guaranteed so if it should break, will you repair it, and if so, at what charge? 2017-01-06T14:10:49+00:00

Within the first 60 days, I will repair all my work as long as the piece wasn’t ‘at fault’ meaning, you didn’t damage it via a harmful action such as running over it with your car. If it breaks due to a weakened area, or a solder joint wasn’t well formed (and I overlooked it), or any other general and light repairs, I will fix it at no charge to you. The only thing I require is shipping costs but it is still a less expensive alternative than going to your local jeweler. I recommend letting me fix the piece as I will know how to take care of it properly. If you take it to another jeweler and they damage it further, then I cannot uphold my guarantee. After the 60 day time frame, then a small repair charge will be necessary.

What are your standard shipping fees? 2017-01-06T14:10:05+00:00

Shipping fees may vary due to the cost of the item or which service you may prefer. I currently use Priority Mail, Overnight Priority, or Economy First Class, via the USPS, because it’s a 2-3 day delivery process and receives automatic delivery confirmation. Please note that due to the increase in the recent postal rates, I have also had to increase my shipping rates. Also please note that Economy/First Class Mail does NOT include insurance or signature conformation, whereas Priority Mail does. International orders are now shipped First Class Priority International, which takes approximately 5-9 days. They are developing a way for those of us to print our labels online for tracking purposes, and that will be revised soon! Until then, I will send an email and confirmation number if you prefer!

Are all your jewelry designs in sterling silver or is it base metal, such as pewter or lesser quality metals. Will it make my skin turn green? 2017-01-06T14:09:29+00:00

I only work in sterling silver and gold materials. I do not use any lesser alloys such as pewter or base metals or nickels in my work. I also use a more tarnish resistant quality sterling silver which will hold its shine 20-30 percent longer and 95% of the time will NOT cause any skin allergies, due to higher quality.

How long does it take to fabricate my piece and ship it out? 2017-01-06T14:08:55+00:00

Generally speaking, it will take me 1-3 weeks to fabricate your new piece(s). Circlets for bridal wear or Renaissance events will take longer due to the complexity of the designs and this may be approximately between 2-4 weeks. I strive to make each piece on a first come/first serve basis, so some things I can make and expedite more quickly than others. If you need it prioritized, just let me know and I will do what I can to expedite your shipment! If I’m backlogged on work, the time may be extended for intricate work, however, I’ll email you and keep you informed along the way! Just contact me!

Do you ship internationally and, if so, what are the extra shipping charges? 2017-01-06T14:08:22+00:00

I do ship internationally and the cost is built in upon checkout. I will most definitely ship anywhere in the world! So far, the countries have included the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Japan, Singapore, Morocco, Greenland, Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Belgium, Mexico, South American, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland…just to name a few!

To our international customers: I can not responsible for damage or loss while in transit overseas. While I take great and exceptional care that all packages are shipped in sturdy boxes and sealed with packaging materials, and placed a “fragile” stamp upon the package to ensure the best possible safely while in transit. The shipment and delivery process has been 100 percent, but on occasion, a shipment will still get stuck via customs with a possible two week hold up. I’ll gladly assist you with insurance claims when required. If you bid on items restricted by your country you are 100% responsible for delivery. As far as custom forms go, if the item you purchase is a gift please let me know!

What do you recommend for caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry? 2017-01-06T14:07:26+00:00

I use the finest formula for sterling silver available on the market today. It does contain anti-tarnishing agents. However, all sterling silver does tarnish eventually. Proper care is essential. It’s recommended that you do not wear it in the shower, hot tub, sauna, ocean, and swimming pool. All of this exposure will only quicken the tarnishing process. The high chlorine and/or Bromine contents used in swimming pools and hot tubs will accelerate the tarnishing of Sterling Silver jewelry. Sometimes the high content of minerals in your water source will accelerate this process, too. Even the chemical makeup and oils of your skin!

How do I wear one of your circlets in my hair for my wedding? 2017-01-06T14:06:55+00:00

There is no right or wrong way, in particular, to wear a headpiece. I make these so they can be worn either high on the hair, in an up-do, if preferred, or you can wear it above the brow line. If you manipulate the back ends, of the headpiece carefully, you can adjust how it will set upon your brow or hairline.

How do I measure my wrist size for one of your bracelets? 2017-01-06T14:06:19+00:00

The best way to measure for your wrist size is to take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist where you’re most comfortable wearing a cuff. Then take that length against a ruler and whatever that measurement is, in inches, is what you want to order. If it’s between sizes, then rounding up is the best suggestion!

Cleaning and Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Clean your sterling silver jewelry with a mild soap and water solution, allowing the water to bead up, and then patting dry with a soft cloth. For more stubborn dirt, use a jewelry cleaner designed for silver use. (If you do use silver cleaner, make sure you keep it away from any gems set in the silver.) Store silver in a cool, dry place, preferably in a tarnish-preventive bag or wrapped in a soft piece of felt or cloth. Store pieces individually so that they don’t knock together and scratch. Do not rub silver with anything other than a polishing cloth or a fine piece of felt. Tissue paper or paper towels can cause scratches because of the fibers in these products. Make sure your silver is not exposed to air and light during storage: this can cause silver to tarnish. And don’t wear sterling silver in chlorinated water or when working with household chemicals.

Also, take a damp toothbrush, dip it in baking soda and gently scrub the piece avoiding all stones. Rinse under warm water and dry off with a lint free cloth. I highly recommend purchasing one of my double-sided polishing cloths to retain the high shine in which your piece was delivered. One side is tripoli, a more abrasive agent to get the tarnish removed, and the other side is rouge, for the high sheen effect.


** Please note that multiple purchases on pieces, when given as a discount in which I send a separate invoice, may incur extra fees for certain gemstones due to expense factor when compared to others. For example, a series designed with garnets, amethysts, amber or chyrsoprase, will incur a higher cost than tiger’s eye, moonstones, or carnelians. Please email me for any questions!

*** Please note that the precious metals prices will fluctuate according to current market values!