Ivy Leaf Hair Pin


Item: c380

I've made, in all sterling silver, an 8 Ivy Leaf Hair Pin, to place within the hair or bun for an wonderful and unique look to your bridal theme!

I’ve hand drawn and cut each leaf, then added texture and detail for a life like effect. I’ve also incorporated a few twists and curls of vinework to accompany the leaf-work. Each pin is handmade and extends approximately 6 inches in height. The hair pin, itself, is 3.5 inches so it’s a perfect length to place within your hair style. The leaves extend an extra 4 inches from the top of the pin.

Each of these is handmade, per order, so while they will look very similar, please allow for some artistic differences, although subtle. While this will safely secure to a hair bun, I recommend additional smaller bobby pins to secure the piece in place due to the weight.