The Woodland Moon Circlet


Item: c117

Hand-forged woodland-inspired bridal circlet featuring dainty and elegant wisps of sterling silver scrolls and loops that wrap their way around this beautiful and feminine heirloom.

Multi-layered with twists of vine and leafwork. Each piece of this wedding circlet is designed, by my hand, in sterling silver… each leaf hand-drawn and forged along with the curliques and scrollwork of ivy vinework.

This comes with a sliver crescent moon in the center. A perfect size to compliment the headpiece and, thus, allows it to blend within the framework nicely. This can be worn at the hairline, above the brows, or even up near a bunI've also designed this piece in copper, as an alternative.

This piece was inspired by the Lord of the Ring's movies and my motivation was to create something beautiful that Arwen or Galadriel might wear.

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