All earrings are designed in sterling silver without the use of any base metals or lesser alloys.

  • Celestial Freeform Shooting Star Earrings Celestial Freeform Shooting Star Earrings
    I have fabricated a matching set of celestial shooting star earrings to compliment the celestial star pendant necklace, also designed in sterling silver. (Necklace sold separately)  I have pave' styled a star on each earring for contrast and effect. These hang approximately 2 1/2 inches from the ear lobe. A great length with dangle and merriment yet still lightweight enough to not weigh down on the ears.
  • Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings
    I've recently made several sets of Celtic sterling silver earrings, in the style of the classic Trinity Knots, with sterling fish hook posts and two, 8mm round genuine gemstone cabochons, which dangle freely from the Trinity Knot. I've bordered the bezels, of the stones, with braided twist wire for a more appealing effect. The Trinity knots are approximately 1\2 inch in size so these will dangle nearly 2 inches total. The bottom stones dangle so they have movement and play!
  • Queen of Celts Trinity Earrings Queen of Celts Trinity Earrings
    I have fabricated these Celtic inspired earrings in sterling silver featuring two gorgeous 8mm round cabochon gemstones.  These earrings are approximately 1 3/4 inches in length and are made with three 1/2 inch trinity knots surrounding the center gemstone, with a twist wire accent which spirals downward.  Each set are made, per order, so as to preserve artistic integrity.
  • Star Celestial Earrings Star Celestial Earrings

    Star Celestial Earrings

    I've fabricated these sterling silver earrings with a celestial theme in mind. These are made of two stars, for a three dimensional look, with the bottom one bright and mirror-finished, while the top star is pave' textured for contrast. I've set two, 8mm round gemstones in the center - as what is shown in the images, however, you can choose from a more varied gemstone selection.  The earrings are approximately 1 1/8 inches in size and will hang nicely when worn!
  • Crescent Moon Earrings Crescent Moon Earrings
    I've designed a pair of crescent moon earrings, 1 1/4 inches each in size, with dangling ear hook wires. The set is completely handmade in sterling silver.  The earrings are 1 and 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • The Sovereign Celtic Earrings The Sovereign Celtic Earrings
    These are solid and durable earrings, yet will not weigh the earlobes down. I've used 8mm round gemstones for the centers.  I have used sterling silver hooks which let the earrings dangle with ease and comfort.  The earrings are approximately 1 1/8 inches in size and will hang nicely when worn!
  • Celtic Spiral Trinity Knot Earrings Celtic Spiral Trinity Knot Earrings
    These Celtic earrings are a great match and accessory to the Celtic Spiral Necklace I have made - these are fabricated in sterling silver as well.  The Trinity Knots are 1/2 inch in diameter with another 1/2 inch spiral of sterling silver underneath. They are simple and elegant and make both a bold and delicate statement.
  • Ivy Leaf Earrings Ivy Leaf Earrings
    I have fabricated these earrings to be reminiscent of Fall, creating two Ivy leaves which dangle from ear wire hook style earring components.  The leaves are approximately one inch in size and the dangle earrings add another inch for a total length of two inches when worn. I've made these from 24 gauge thick sheet so it's plenty strong and durable with a nice weight when worn, but not too overwhelming to pull or tug the ear lobes. The last image I've shown the earrings with the matching three Ivy Leaf Bracelet Wrap. Makes for a great gift set!